Time to Get Rid of Lead Pipes – Here’s Why…

Time to Get Rid of Lead Pipes – Here’s Why…

Unfortunately, the bad news out of Flint, Michigan just keeps coming…

Flint is one of many American cities that installed lead water pipes in the 20th century, despite dangers including child brain damage and a range of health problems.

We’ve just learned this week that the Flint Water Crisis was the likely cause of increased fetal deaths.

Ever since a study in 2015 revealed lead levels in children had doubled, Flint has become the emblem of poor water quality in America.

But, we just found out last year that over 5,300 water systems were also in violation of lead rules.

Major metro areas like Philadelphia, Washington DC, Chicago, Baltimore, and Boston are also struggling with the effects of outdated infrastructure and high lead levels in water.

Ideally there’s ZERO lead in your water, but it’s information like this that is going to raise awareness of just how large the water crisis in this country really is.

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(Much gratitude to Dr Mona Hanna-Attisha, the pediatrician who conducted the study that pulled back the curtain on Flint’s lead crisis!)