The Problem New

There’s a water crisis going on across the globe. It’s time to get informed and take action.

Problem #1: Municipal Water Delivery

Did you know the water coming through your tap was used many times before? Water is drawn from rivers, lakes, and wells and pumped into your municipal water plant. Water is then filtered through sand and gravel to trap solid matter and chlorine, and other chemicals may be added to kill algae and bacteria. However, water travels through the pipe system to your home, which may be decades old.

Problem #2: Trihalomethanes

While the water utilities do an excellent job preventing diseases from forming in your water, the chlorine they add can interact with other materials in your water to form “Trihalomethanes” (THMS) – a known cancer-causing agent. The ONLY way to remove these harmful toxins from your water is to use the Activated Carbon found in Wellness Water in-home filtration systems.


It’s (thankfully) true that municipal water contains bacteria considered harmless in low numbers. But, the ordinary carbon filters found in other products are breeding grounds for bacteria, which can build up to exceed safe limits as quickly as overnight. Our technology uses patented PureSilver technology to inhibit bacterial growth, which is why we have the ONLY system registered by the EPA and certified to National Science Foundation standards.


Did you know you absorb as many toxins through your skin in a 15-minute shower as you do when you drink a half gallon of the same water? Skin is our body’s largest organ, and is exposed to toxins in home water daily. In fact, the average American home has at least 6 toxins above safe levels in their water. That’s why our Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Tarpy says: “Over the next decade, the issue of toxins by the skin will become as important as the sun exposure issues we addressed in the 60’s and 70’s with SPF guidelines. “

Protect your family and your health with CLEAN and SAFE water throughout your home.

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