“Not Interested”

“Not Interested”

That’s the two-word response I got from the owner of a local “med-spa” when I asked if his clients might benefit from owning a Wellness Water whole-house filtration system.

(I thought this was a perfect topic for our first blog post…)

What I really heard was: “It’s time for a change”.

…Change where businesses care about the wellness of their customers as much as the bottom line.

…Change where people care as much about their health as much as they do their appearance.

…Change where we all care not just about those close to us, but also our community and other citizens.

We embrace and welcome that change.

It’s time for everyone to enjoy safe, clean, healthy water – just as Mother Nature intended.

We find that to be truly beautiful and exciting….and interesting too!

Photo Credit: We loved this gorgeous shot taken by Lisa Rappa…check out more of her work

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